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How many more new customers could you be getting from your digital assets?

Our FREE Online Presence Analysis lets us look into how your business is doing online. We will look at your website design, functionality, and content. We will also look into your social media pages and ideal keywords. 

Our review of your company’s online presence will allow us to provide some tips to help you increase traffic, drive leads and maximize revenue.

Request a free analysis to see the strength of your business online right now.

Free Online Presence analysis from Tay Digital Consultancy

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Why is an online presence analysis important?

A web presence analysis is important for your business because it is the first step in developing a powerful web presence.

What is included in our Free Online Presence Analysis?

We will search for your business as if we are a potential client in search of a product or service that you offer.

We will show you the first impression your potential customers experience when they click on one of your links and land on one of your pages. Since first impressions matter both online and offline, having this important information can help shape your digital marketing strategy.

We will show you your strengths and weakenesses online and give you free tips on how you can improve.

Why is it important to have a strong digital presence as a business?

get a free online presence analysis in Harare, Zimbabwe
Our online presence analysis will look at all your various digital assets

The world has gone digital and your customers are searching for your goods and services online. If you dont have a strong digital footprint you will not be able to be found by these potential customers and you will lose business.

The bigger your digital footprint, the more likely your business can be found when someone is searching. If your business isn’t visible in the search engine results, you lose an opportunity to attract a customer.

This is why you should develop an extensive digital footprint as part of your online marketing activities

Think of your online presence as one interconnected network of platforms that provide customer touch points. These can include your website, social media profiles, directory listings and review sites.

Each of those touch points must effectively convey your brand to help your target audience get to know you. And each of these digital touch points should link to each other when possible.

Our free online presence analysis will get to show you how your digital touch points are faring. 

Our Free Digital Presence Analysis will answer the following questions:

  • get a free online & digital presence analysisCan your business be found when someone searches?
  • Is your brand consistent across all of your online properties?
  • How does your business compare to your competition?
  • What is your reputation among your customers?
  • Is your content resonating with your target audience?
  • Is it easy to find, connect and contact you?

This evaluation will help you pinpoint areas that need attention. You will be able to develop a better marketing plan that focuses on the right things to attract your ideal customer.

The result – marketing activities that improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.


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