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You have a professional business but you are still using Gmail addreses? That may make your business look unprofessional. Why not have professional email addresses that match your business?

The importance of business email is immense in terms of establishing the reputation of a brand. Whether it’s about communicating with your potential customers or approaching the employees regarding organizational issues, it’s vital to create the right impression. 


Personalised Email Hosting Services

We will provide you email address like,, 

We have flexible packages that come with a minimum of 10 email accounts to as many as 100+

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personalised email hosting services in Zimbabwe'
Why should you choose personalized email hosting?
  • It helps build credibility and consistency around your brand name.
  • You are the owner of your domain. With free email addresses you get to use the same domain name with millions others
  • They enhance trust. Your contacts are more likely to trust an email from rather than
  • Personalized emails allow you to create unlimited accounts on one domain